…”It is far too late for the cabal to be able to prevent the mass awakening of humanity simply by killing or compromising a few bloggers”….

Top 30,000 NWo Thugs – Pentagon Patriots Rufuse New Middle East War

Ben Fulford
Mon, Sept 09, 2013
Subject: Pentagon Patriots Refuse Syrian War

Syria, Iran, and the Petro Dollar

Events Expected Next 30 Days

This video is something we should all be aware of with respect to current events coming to a crescendo point in the next 30 days. It is obvious that the cabal is desperate and they are resorting to extreme measures to keep power. They have always wanted to start WWIII but it has never ignited. Now they are faced with the moment passing and never to return, so they must start it in Syria, and it ain’t flying; so they need a false flag to ignite it and use as an excuse and they are pulling out all stops, to start their war, to lock down martial law and to stop the global reset. Our awareness and passing this on to as many others as possible can assist to expose and stop it, so pass it on!

Ben Fulford’s Report September 9, 2013 Fear and hate palpable as final cabal take-down continues Nuclear blackmail, threats of more sabotage against Fukushima, attacks on bloggers and the ongoing attempt to start war with Syria, are all part of the death throes of the Sabbatean mafia cabal. On the Syrian issue, Pentagon sources say they are giving the Washington politicians enough rope to hang themselves with since it is helping prepare public opinion for mass cabal arrests. As always though, the cabalists do not plan to vanish quietly into the night and are still hoping to use nuclear terror to star World War 3. In Asia, for example, cabal stooge UN Secretary Ban Ki Moon, together with envoys from cabal puppet Barack Obama, have been busy trying to convince North Korea to stage some sort of provocation but, the North Koreans are having no part of it, according to Chinese government sources. Ban Ki Moon is the person who tried to bribe the dragon family with $100 million during the 2009 Chiasso incident in order to prevent them from cashing $134.5 billion worth of gold backed bonds they owned. Moon and fellow cabalists also put out lies that the bonds were fake, and have been doing everything in their power since that time to keep their control of the money creation process out of the hands of the legitimate owners of historical global assets. Now that the dragons are making a new move,Moon is freaking out and is up to no good, the Chinese sources say. Due to the sensitive nature of this topic, there is a lot we cannot report other than to say a Dragon family delegation arrived in China this week for a 10-day visit concerning these bonds. There is also confirmation that the Pentagon and the Chinese military support the Dragon family on this issue. We can also say the talks are very concrete, involve the Bank for International Settlements, the Federal Reserve Board and the Committee of 300, and that no major obstacles appear to exist to the cashing of trillions of dollars’ worth of bonds for the purpose of financing a massive anti-poverty campaign. The moderate faction of the cabalists is now on-board. Those die hard religious fanatics who still think they can provoke China and the US to fight each other in order to fulfill biblical prophecies of Armageddon should take note of friendly US/Chinese joint military exercises taking place in Hawaii this week. http://www.scmp.com/news/china/article/1305464/chinese-naval-vessels-rare-visit-hawaii-exercises-us The attempt to start a war in Syria has also become the modern day example of the story of the boy who cried wolf. This time nobody is being fooled. Even the corporate media propaganda machine is falling apart on this issue. Enough has been written and exposed by others on this issue, so suffice it to say, our pentagon sources make it clear that the US military has no intention of being fooled into yet another war in the Middle East. That is why Israeli submarines are not going to be allowed to shoot missiles in order to provoke war. The question on every aware person’s lips, of course, is “when are all these criminals going to be rounded up and put in jail?” One pentagon sources says that an initial list of 12,000 people to be arrested has been increased to close to 30,000 and that the arrests will be announced soon. However, believe it when you see it. Other sources say the cabalists have resorted to massive nuclear blackmail and that is why the pentagon has decided to simply deprive the cabalists of any real power and let them wither away without giving them any excuse to start nuclear terror. Here is one example of a false fear mongering nuclear threat against Fukushima sent to me by e-mail by someone connected to the Feds: “IT IS DIRE – THE CORE HAS BREACHED THE CONTAINMENT VESSEL, BREACHED THE FLOOR, BURNT THRU THE ROCK, IS HITTING THE SHALLOW AQUIFER, WHICH WILL POISON IT – THE STEAM IS COMING UP THRU THE BUILDING – THE EARTH UNDER THE BUILDING IS MELTING – THE BUILDING WILL FALL INTO THAT HOLE – ON TOP OF THOSE BUILDINGS ARE THE 40,000 SPENT FUEL RODS THAT ARE A SUPER MASSIVE ATOMIC BOMB IF ANY OF THEM TOUCH ONE ANOTHER. IT’LL KILL THE PLANET. WE ARE DAYS – MAX TWO MONTHS – FROM THAT HAPPENING. ATOMIC REACTIONS ARE QUITE QUICK. WE HAVE ONE GOING OFF THAT IS OUT OF CONTROL.” His source: “HE COMMUNICATES WITH HIS WIFE TELEPATHICALLY AND ALSO WITH A ROCKET SCIENTIST NAMES [sic] DUANE.” What they are really talking about is the control of the financial system going out of their control. The cabalists are also trying to reassert control over public opinion by silencing or pressuring influential bloggers. As many readers know for example, Jeff Rense told me a few years ago he was under enormous pressure to stop carrying my stories and since then he began putting out vast amounts of scare-mongering disinformation about Fukushima. More recently, we hear from an associate of Tom Henegan that “he is under a gag order,” and that the last time that person talked to him Henegan seemed “scared and paranoid.” We have tried to contact Henegan directly to confirm this but have been unable to get a response. His reports appear to have changed in content and character since his original home page went down and may no longer be written by him. In yet another case, Jane Burgermeister, the science journalist who has been reporting on cabal attempts to spread bioweapons, has been reported missing by a colleague. We received an e-mail from somebody purporting to be her but the content seemed different from her previous e-mails. Her net persona may also have been taken over by cabal agents. Then there is the ongoing police investigation against the lawyer Michael Shrimpton in England. British police contacted this writer about him last week. They are trying to convict him of putting out false threats of nuclear terror planned against the 2012 London Olympics. Shrimpton was a major source for the murdered Christopher Story (aka Edward Harle) and has been consistently fighting against what he calls Nazi DVD influence in England. The police investigating him report to Sarah Thornton, the woman who was promoted after UK bioweapons expert David Kelly was killed in her district. If the British police are serious about investigating nuclear terror threats, we strongly recommend they take in for questioning Daryl Goodrich, of New Moon Television, the producers of this Olympic promotion video: http://vimeo.com/28381929 which we were told by an MI6 agent contains a nuclear threat against Japan at exactly 2.55 minutes into the video. We hope the police investigators are serious about finding the perpetrators of nuclear terror attacks and are not just trying to silence Mr. Shrimpton. If they are serious, we can give them a lot more names. This writer has also experienced more than the usual amount of harassment recently and we have been warned by Asian secret society members of renewed attempts by cabal agents to have me killed. Needless to say, it is far too late for the cabal to be able to prevent the mass awakening of humanity simply by killing or compromising a few bloggers.

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