FY 2011 Third Quarter Report Estimate of Historical Aerosol Direct and Indirect Effects

FY 2011 Third Quarter Report Estimate of Historical Aerosol Direct and Indirect Effects

The global and annual mean aerosol direct and indirect effects estimated from Community Earth System Model. The term aerosol direct effects refers to the direct impact of anthropogenic aerosol particles on the planetary energy balance through scattering, absorption, and emission of radiation in the atmosphere, without consideration of the aerosol effects of the radiative heating on clouds.

Aerosol processes represented in the model include emissions of primary particles and precursor gases; oxidation of the precursor gases; new particle formation; particle growth by condensation; particle coagulation; transport by resolved winds, turbulence, and convective clouds; growth by humidification; activation to form cloud droplets and ice crystals; aqueous- phase chemistry; nucleation and impaction scavenging; and dry deposition to the surface.



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