The Global Fascist Agenda – US Secret Weather Weapons and the Climate change/Global warming lies!

US and British military have developed super-high-tech high frequency weaponry, which can alter the natural weather patterns of our home – the Earth! They have been perfecting these “devices”, (land based, aerial based and in orbit around the Earth) since the time of the Vietnam War!

Not new news: but news to the general public!

It is no coincidence that as they perfected their “Weather Weaponry” the USA, the EU and even China have been pushing the false theory of Global Warming caused by human over-population of the world!

There are numerous scientists who have challenged the British Governments claims on Climate Change, claiming that their is no evidence that Earths climate has changed drastically in recent decades, saying that the warming and cooling of the Earths atmosphere is a natural sequence of events and these patterns have occurred many times in previous decades and centuries! The differences in temperatures in recent decades is not because of mans influence but they are due to the influence of the changes on the surface of the Sun (Solar Flares). However, in a disgraceful episode in the House of Commons, when a member of the EU sceptic Tory backbenchers brought to the attention of PM David Cameron that a considerable number of British scientists have grave reservations on the voracity of the UK Governments “Global Warming” THEORIES – ——— the member was shouted down by Cameron – Quote: “this is an abuse of the House”!

In my humble opinion, Cameron has abused the honour of the House of Commons by promolgating the false Theory on Climate Change! A Theory that he and all of the other Climate Change lie-spinners, refuse to debate in open forums on TV or in debating chambers where the facts can be examined in a reasonable and a coherent fashion to determine whether these claims are based on fact or fantasy! But the “establishment” in the UK, USA, EU, Republic of Ireland and all “Western” nations allied to the USA refuse to openly debate the facts and in 2011 the BBC has said that Climate Change sceptics will not be allowed time on radio and TV to refute the claims (lies) of the UK Government and its pals in Whitehall and in the military!

(A mirror situation is to be found in the Republic of Ireland in the Dail (Irish Parliament) and on Irish TV and radio – RTE!)

This totally unproven socalled science of Global Warming – has been forced down our throats by the UK Government, the EU – the “Fourth Reich” in the making and the USA! They are forcing the public to accept lies as facts – they refuse to “prove” their case and it is only a matter of time before the “method” of their madness becomes plain for all to see!

(They first called it “Global Warming” but when in the winters of 2010, 2011 and 2012 proved to be the coldest in decades if not centuries, they had to change their Theory title to “Climate Change”!)

The Fascist Agenda behind the “Wests” lies on Climate Change!


How would Fascist regimes use the False Theory of “Climate Change” – caused by human overpopulation of the world – to “solve” this problem?



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