All Roads Lead to Rothschild

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All Roads Lead to Rothschild



updated 24th November 2011 – Ironically coined by the Romans, the phrase “All roads lead to Rome”. True but in this case it’s more accurate to say “All roads lead to Zionist Regime of the Rothschild’s via Rome. The Vatican and the Pope, the Black Pope the Knights of Malta created Stalin, Mussolini and the tryanny of Hitler. They are and were all funded, controlled and implemented by the ruling Rothschild elite via the Vatican. The whole Nazi Zionist cabal that have ruled indeed for over a 1000 years. A 1000 year Reich Zionist Nazi Empire indeed. The Pope and the Vatican, not wanting to appear to get there hands dirty with money, they hired the House of Rothschild, to handle their finances, who in turn hired the Rockerfellers to take over the Americas, and so it goes on and on.  They want to destroy everyone not in there bloodline. However the people have had enough, the guillotines are rolling out on the streets of Tel Aviv, on Rothschild Boulevard. This is a clear message, of give everything that was stolen from the people back to the people – or the heads will roll. Banking heads, Media heads, Royal heads, Political Heads and Rothschild Heads. This is another tipping point, Off with their Heads 2.0.  Guillotine display stuns Rothschild’s ‘tent city’: French Revolution symbol becomes main attraction at Tel Aviv’s protest center, as rallies continue to spread across country.  We must be clear on this, Zionists are not Jewish people, they are Zionists who have a global eugenics plan, with a dark satanic belief in occultism with Lucifer as there god, who have infiltrated and almost destroyed all walks of society, they are heads of media, government, business and finance and all orchestrated by Admiralty Law under Canon Law from the Vatican. Their bankster puppets, the Rothschilds (originally of German origin, born Bauer, then changed their name to Rothschild) are prime suspects here. The BP scandal / disaster was all planned……so was the financial crisis and the food shortages. This is mass genocide and social collapse orchestrated by the Vatican priest class and the Rothschilds.

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  1. Zionism The Casino Elite: Trying To Run The World AKA; Under The Rubric Of New World Order!

    Posted on February 1, 2013


    Revisionist Zionists aka; [House Of Rothschild] want you to believe, that they are the choosen people and “Israel” is the land of their so-called birthright.

    Their symbol is 2 overlapping triangels known as the Morgan David or Star of David. Not the David of the Bible or Qu’ran, but of David Al-roy a 12th century false prophet.

    Before he became known a David Al-roy his name was Menahem born in Khazaria (Caucasus Mountains). His father, Solomon Ben Duji began this movement by sending letters to the “jews” stating that Palestine was their birthright, he later took the name Elijah and said his son was the Messiah.

    In 1527 the Jews of Prague began to use the Star of David (David Al-roy) as their Flag a pentagram or “Seal of Solomon” Later used by Freemason/Zionist Theodor Herzl in 1898 at the start of the modern Zionist Movement.

    Understanding Rothschild: The Divide And Conquer Of The Khazars ~ But Now For The Banks.

    Real Jews Denounce Rothschild Zionism!

    Does a shadowy group of obscenely wealthy elitists control the world? Do men and women with enormous amounts of money really run the world from behind the scenes? The answer might surprise you. Most of us tend to think of money as a convenient way to conduct transactions, but the truth is that it also represents power and control.

    Read Much more: Political Vel Craft Veil Of Politics

      TWO WORLD WARS (1 & 2)
      In every major world wide events such as civil wars, world wars, revolutions, rebellions, terrorism, assassinations, political, social and all kinds of turmoils or chaos – the Jesuits are the orchestrator. Many historians and writers such as ERIC JON PHELPS, AVRO MANHATTAN, ALBERTO RIVERA, JOHN LOFTUS, EDMUND PARIS, DARYL EBERHART, DAVID GUYAT, ALEXANDER JAMES, CHARLES CHINIQUY, JOSE RIZAL, AND OTHERS point their finger to the Jesuits and the Vatican as the culprits.

      The Jesuits are also the culprits and detonated the Atomic Bomb blast in Hiroshima during the closing end of World War II. The Jesuits are also the culprits for the Sinking Of Titanic killing John Jacob Astor on board who is against the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank – A Privately Owned Bank. And Jesuit’s boys (satanic bloodlines) meeting better known as the Creatures of the Jekyll Island).

      The Roman Catholic Church is a mere continuation of the Roman Empire (Julius Ceasar, Nero, Constantin, Agustus Ceasar, etc.) and the Jesuit Order is the old Roman Empire Pretorian Guard where NAZI SS was pattern from the Jesuit Order. NAZI notorious general Reinhard Ghelen trained and created the CIA and the Israeli Masonic-Zionist MOSSAD. In the Philippines, the Light A Fire Movement during Marcos regime was led by Ed Olaguer and master-minded by the Jesuit Order. Fr. Romeo “Archie” Intengan and Norberto Gonzales (GMA’s National Security Adviser)

      The 9/11 WTC Terrorist Attack was ordered by the Jesuit General – Count Peter Hans Kolvenbach according to Eric Jon Phelps. The masonic Osama bin Ladin praised the attack allowed by the traitor to the American people George W. Bush a member of the secret society Skull & Bones. I’ve a picture of Bush Sr. & Bush Jr. including Gen. Eisenhower inside the satanic worship location in the Bohemian Grove in California. Inside the Bohemian Grove, the Jesuit practice satanic rituals. The Jesuit Order are also sorcerers, like Ignatius Loyola founder of the Jesuit Order levitate above the ground during meditation according to Alberto Rivera, former Jesuit Priest.

      The Jesuitism is the issue that many Bible Believing Christian Pastors doesn’t realized. In-fact, many of them don’t knew what is New World Order. This is the reason why many Bible Believing Christians led by their Pastors are trapped by their invincible enemies, inflitrated their churches by the Jesuits. This unawareness by many Pastors (not all) cause the death of millions of Bible Believing Christians, they were not been warned and alarmed.

      Now, take your time to read below how the Jesuits orchestrated World War 1 & World War II.

      By : Bobby G. Limeta

      Read On:

  2. Geupload op 28 jul 2008….

    UK Newspaper mentions this video: Article Link:

    Vatican launches YouTube channel – Europe, World – The Independent

    By Peter Popham in Rome
    Friday, 23 January 2009

    Bolstered by a hearty endorsement from the Pope, the Vatican plunged into a new age today, launching its own dedicated YouTube channel,

    Initially available in Italian, English, German and Spanish, the ad-free site gives the Church an official presence in the fast-moving, anarchic world of new technology. Type “Vatican” into YouTube’s search engine and the first video to appear is entitled “The Devil in the Vatican” and claims that the modern Church has gone over to the other side. The second argues that “Nazi Germany was a creation of the Vatican and the Jesuits”. Now the Vatican has the means to fight back.

    “The Vatican Television Centre and Vatican Radio have been producing video news on the Pope’s activities every day for over a year,” said the papal spokesman Father Federico Lombardi. “Now they are ready to make this jump into the global arena.”

    The Vatican’s fusty facade has long concealed a tech-savvy interior: its solemn-looking web site, , is a treasure trove, and was once nominated for a Webby award.

    Pope Benedict said the new technologies were “a gift to humanity”. By communicating online, he said, we are responding to God, “who desires to make of all humanity one family. When we find ourselves drawn towards other people ? we are responding to God’s call.” But he warned that “if the desire for virtual connectedness becomes obsessive” it can damage “healthy human development”.

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