Death By Government – DEMOCIDE


The concept of genocide hardly covers the ruthless murder carried out by totalitarian states. It does not even account for most of those wiped out by the Nazis. A new concept is needed that covers the extent and variety of megamurders by these mortacracies.

In international conventions and the general literature, genocide has been defined as intentional killing by government of people because of their race, religion, ethnicity, or other indelible group membership. While killing people because of their politics or for political reasons has been explicitly excluded from the international Genocide Convention, some scholars nonetheless have included such killing in their study of genocide (Fein, 1984; Kuper, 1981; Porter, 1982). Some have extended the definition of genocide to cover any mass murder by government (Chalk and Jonassohn, 1988; Charny, 1991); some have even stretched it much further to characterize the unintentional spread of disease to indigenous populations during European colonization, including that of the American West (Stannard, 1992).

The problem is becoming conceptually acute. The early generic meaning of genocide was clear, although by its exclusion of political killing, controversial. The present extension of genocide’s meaning, however, creates conceptual confusion and lumps together types of killing that theoretically should be kept distinct. If for example, genocide comes to mean all deaths due to government actions, whether lining up people and machine-gunning them, executing prisoners of war, gassing Jews, creating a famine due to bad agricultural policies, the death of children because of ignorant welfare policies, or the accidental creation of fatal disease among subject natives, then we would have to invent a concept to cover the intentional murder of people by virtue of their group identity. Since we already have the concept of genocide for that purpose, we really should create allied concepts to define other types of deaths due to government.

One concept, already suggested in the literature (Harff and Gurr, 1988; Rummel, 1900) is politicide. This defines that killing done intentionally by government for political-ideological purposes, including those killed because of their politics or political views. This is not purely exclusive of genocide, since there are cases, as in the Soviet deportation and murder of ethnic Germans during World War II, that are both genocide and politicide. Generally, however, I have found that this overlap will be but a smaller part of the politicide carried out by mortacracies, even for Nazi Germany. It usually would include, for example, executing purged communist party members, or murdering anti-communists, counterrevolutionaries, social democrats, dissidents, or critics.

Another concept is mass murder, or government’s intentional and indiscriminate murder of a large number of people. Obviously, in meaning this can overlap with genocide and politicide, but it can also include random executions of civilians, as in the German reprisals against partisan sabotage in Yugoslavia; working prisoners to death, as in the Soviet Kolyma mining camps; the blanket fire bombing of cities, as in the American bombing of Tokyo-Yokohama in 1945 or atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki; or atrocities committed by soldiers, as in the 1937 Japanese rape and pillage of Nanking (which probably killed some 200,000 people).

But then there is killing that does not easily fit into any or these categories. There is, for example, murder by quota carried out by the Soviets, Chinese communists, and North Vietnamese. Government (or party) agencies would order subordinate units to kill a certain number of “enemies of the people,” “rightists,” or “tyrants,” and the precise application of the order was left to the units involved. Moreover, millions of people died in labor or concentration camps not because of their social identity or political beliefs, but simply because they got in the way, violated some Draconian rule, did not express sufficient exuberance over the regime, innocently sat on a newspaper with the picture of Stalin showing, or simply was a body that was needed for labor (as the Nazis would grab women innocently walking along a road in Ukraine and deport them to Germany for forced labor). And there are the hundreds of thousands of peasants that slowly died of disease, malnutrition, overwork, and hunger in Cambodia as the Khmer Rouge forced them under penalty of death to labor in the collectivized fields, expropriating virtually their whole harvest and refusing them adequate medical care.

I have covered all this murder as well as genocide and politicide by the concept of democide. Table 1 provides the definition [in place of the table, see Chapter 2 of Death By Government]; Table 2 gives an overview of this and the other concepts mentioned above, placing them into the context of other sources of mass death.

Democide is meant to define the killing by states as the concept of murder does individual killing in domestic society. Here intentionality (premeditation) is critical. This also includes practical intentionality. If a government causes deaths through a reckless and depraved indifference to human life, the deaths were as though intended. If through neglect a mother lets her baby die of malnutrition, this is murder. If we imprison a girl in our home, force her to do exhausting work fourteen hours a day, not even minimally feed and clothe her, and watch her gradually die a little each day without helping her, then her inevitable death is not only our fault, but our practical intention. It is murder. Similarly, for example, the Soviet system for forcibly transporting prisoners to labor camps was lethal. In transit hundreds of thousands of political prisoners died at the hands of criminals or guards, or from heat, cold, or inadequate food or water. Although not intended (indeed, this deprived the regime of their labor), the deaths were still murder. They were democide.




By R.J. Rummel


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  1. Gepubliceerd op 14 apr 2012

    Chapter 4 discusses covert democide in the name of population control. Examples of soft kill tactics are genetically modified organisms, vaccines, fluoridated water and aspartame which result in dramatic rises in cancer and other sicknesses.

    Please visit me on the web:

    -Freedom vs. tyranny
    –Gave rise to the Nazis
    –Funded by British royal family
    –Bertrand Russell, The Impact of Science on Society, p50
    –Obsess about putting chemicals in our food and water to make us submit
    –Programs are hidden in plain view
    —Experimenting on black men with syphilis
    —Spraying the UK with disease causing organisms
    –Henry Kissinger: Use food as a weapon
    –John P. Holdren, in Ecoscience: There should be covert chemicals in the water to reduce fertility and population
    -Global government admitted openly to carryout genocide
    –Fluoridated water
    –Bisphenol-A (BPA)
    –Huge increases in cancer, diabetes, etc are the results of the chemicals
    -Globalists are more dangerous than their Nazi progenitors since they use incrementalization to implement these policies

    -Bill Gates
    –Pays to be portrayed as a saint
    –Death panels: weighing up cost of dying grandmother vs. ten teacher’s jobs
    –Give vaccines to reduce population
    –Number one funder of GMO crops at Monsanto

    –Reduce human fertility
    –Can sterilize animals in three generations
    –Monsanto scientists refuse to eat GMO food in their cafeteria
    –Bill Gates and the Rockefeller Foundation are building seed vaults of non-GMO seeds
    –Globalist obsessed with GMO-free food
    –Monsanto does not want people to know that they are buying GMO
    –Prince Phillip killer virus quote
    –Communist Chinese chief obsessed with organic food while giving GMO laden for to the population

    –Germany government would not that the H1N1 shot so big pharma came out with a “clean” shot that was not contaminated like the shot that was given to the population
    –Vaccines are killing people that they are tested on
    –People at the Centre for Disease Control in the US told their families not to take the vaccines because they are causing brain damage but were told not to tell the public
    -Soft killing
    -We are told by the media that there are no heros and that humanity is worthless
    -Notable billionaire globalists participating in the secret population control meetings
    –Bill Gates
    –Ted Turner
    –David Rockefeller
    –Oprah Winfrey
    –George Soros
    -The great lie
    -Good people tend to stand down and the psychopaths take over the government

    Stand tall
    Cameron Mottus

    Note: The intent for this summary is to facilitate learning about the New World Order. The chapter titles have been added by me and were chosen by looking at the topics presented in each chapter.


    Courtesy: Dr Leonard Horovitz [in the interests of extending Human Educational knowledge].

    AIDS was deliberately created to deliberately depopulation development of humanity – created at Fort Dietrick through US Bioweapons development.

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