PLease WATch THiS VIDEO ***EMERGENCY ***** —– Original Message —–

PLease WATch THiS VIDEO ***EMERGENCY ***** —– Original Message —–
From: *****>,
Sent: 01/24/14
To: Drew Malone III Raines

THIS IS NOT A JOKE, I am Emailing to 2700+Marines & all SKYPE CONTACTS

Gepubliceerd op 21 jan 2014

“Adherents to Shariah are fundamentally and unalterably opposed to the survival of the Constitution of the United States.” -Tennessee state Rep. Rick Womick

“Tennessee state Rep. Rick Womick, who participated in a panel called “Defending Liberty in Legislatures,” is an Boeing 777 airline pilot who has flown five flights with Somali immigrants on board from London to New York City.”

*** I was not a participant in this on air interview. Here is Tennessee State Representative Rick Womick’s response to this radio interview of Dennis Schuelke by ‘Heads Up Warriors’ Host Kathy Rubio.


-Rick Womick

Rev. Michelle Hopkins…
My name is Rick Womick and I am a State Representative from Tennessee. I am also a commercial airline pilot. Your recent guest, Mr. Dennis Welke, is extremely misguided. None of what he said is true regarding our nation’s commercial airlines or the conference at which I spoke; no papers surrendering our Constitutional rights are required to be signed, and no illegal immigrants are being flown into this country on empty flights. We don’t just “taxi by customs and drop people off” somewhere on the airport. Mr. Welke fabricated the entire story. First of all, I was not the pilot in command. Secondly, our aircraft are filled with hundreds of paying passengers, of all nationalities, from all over the world, and who are traveling legally with valid passports, and entering our country through U.S. Customs and Immigration as they deplane. We do not, nor have I ever flown, an “empty” or full airplane with illegal passengers or immigrants. It is obvious Mr. Welke does not agree with my conservative political positions and has decided to publicly attack my character and my integrity. Given the constant inaccuracies in his story, I think it is safe to say Mr. Welke is not even a pilot. He lacks credibility and is pursuing an agenda.

Rick Womick
Tennessee State Representative

-My Response

Representative Womick,


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