Radical Islam – The Inquisitional Sword for The Jesuit Papacy

Published on Dec.31, 2013



The Middle East Problem Explained
The Black Popes controlled Masonic Conspiracy in the Middle East
This video might offend many muslims , but its NOT my intention to accuse the Muslims in general for supporting the wicked , on the conterary i try to support them just like any other.

The Jesuit order is responsible for bring the Wahibi’s to power in Saudi Arabia in the 17th century , through their control of The British Crown and High Level Freemasonry.

Many christians are being deceived by The Catholic Church , just as Many Jews are being deceived by The Masonic Labor Zionists or Talmud and just as Sunni muslims are being deceived by The Quran doctrine – Behead all Infidels ??? Where does that comes from ? Right The Inquisitional papacy. Just as the papacy percecuted , tortured and slaughtered millions of true Christians during the Inquisitions , just as The Masonic Zionist Jews and The Jesuit controlled Papacy slaughtered the Jews who refused to convert to Zionism / Catholicism in WW2 , they even killed more Christians then Jews , 10.000.000 Germans were killed in WW2 and then we didn’t even started about the Millions of Orthodox people killed in Russia or Buddists in China under the flag of Communazism

This video is only to make the world aware of the bigger picture.

For example dear Muslim brothers , Radical Islam has its roots in nazism brought to the Middle east during WW2 , The PLO (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5WfL1…) is the result of that and also HAMAS.
This can be proven and many Muslims already know this. Also The Shia Baath Party had nazi simpathyzers amongst them. Hezbollah a creation of Lebanon and Iran is also too radical allthough i understand why they started the Movement (Israel’s JewishDefenseLeague invaded Lebanon). Most of these groups are today directly controlled by The Knights of malta , Freemasonry and The Jesuits , just as they control the Israeli Leaders ! NO ? Look up Sergio and Felice Palvincini who control the Muslim Brotherhood , Father and son both Knights of Matla ! CRUSADERS Shimon Peres has been trained by The Jesuit Order in Poland and he is a 33rd degree Freemason , CFR Member and a Knight of The British Empire , Nethanuyahu is a 33rd degree and CFR member, the very same counts for Mammoud Abbas who got in the footsteps of 33rd degree Freemason Yasser Arafat who on his turn got in The Footsteps of NAZI SS Commander Haj Amin al Husseini who was friended with both Hitler and Himmler , this is the truth , i cant help it !

The Assassin Cult handed over The Jewish Mysticism based on The Sumerian Kabballah to the Knights Templars of Rome ! This is the root of The Babylonian Mystery Religion ! Saturnalian Worship , Idol Worship !

Jesuit Controlled MASONIC MUSLIMS EXPOSED and ZIONISM exposed

Palestine (PLO) The Other Side of the Story – Jesuit Controlled Masonic Muslims

The True History of Sunni Islam


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