Neonazis Ukraine
By Sara Flounders

Global Research, March 05, 2014

When Kiev’s City Hall was seized with guns and Molotov cocktails, one of the first acts of the Euromaidan street fighters was to unfurl a number of flags and insignia.

Prominent among the flags were swastikas, Iron Crosses, Nazi SS lightning bolts, the Celtic cross used by the Ku Klux Klan, and the Confederate “stars and bars” flag of slaveholders in the United States. (

This is no accident. The flag of the U.S. Southern slaveholders and the Klan cross are symbols understood around the world. They stand for racism, reaction, lynchings and mass terror, for keeping oppressive institutions intact and for beating down people of color and all those who struggle for a better world.

Racists from across Europe have traveled to Kiev. Wearing these symbols on their helmets and jackets, these thugs roamed Kiev and defaced the homes of Jews. They destroyed memorials to those who fought the Nazi invasion and occupation of the Ukraine in World War II. Offices of the Communist Party of the Ukraine were ransacked and destroyed, revolutionary books publicly burned in bonfires. Twenty-five statues of Lenin have been destroyed, requiring heavy equipment. ( Amidst this offense of fascist vandalism, progressive people have mobilized to protect progressive centers, monuments and government buildings.

Symbols send a message. They are shorthand to millions of people for the aspirations and goals of social and political movements.

 Naming a street, boulevard, school or holiday for the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. or Rosa Parks is recognition of the historic Civil Rights movement and Black liberation movement in the U.S. It resonates with all who stand against racism and oppression.

Certain symbols of revolution, resistance and liberation, such as the red flag, the red and black flag, the red star and the rainbow flag, are recognized around the world. The struggle to remove racist names of sports teams is well understood, as is the struggle to remove memorials to racists, slave owners and Confederates throughout the U.S. South.

 Victoria Nuland, the U.S. assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian Affairs, publicly bragged that Washington has committed more than $5 billion to these “democratic forces” in the Ukraine. (

Nuland, Sen. John McCain and other U.S. and German politicians have publicly embraced known fascist thugs. Open U.S. support for the Ukrainian Fatherland Party, the Svoboda party and Right Sector is hardly a mistake. It is sign of how the U.S. and European Union plan to impose austerity, cutbacks and rule by Western banks.

The display of hated racist and fascist symbols should serve as a dire warning of what is at stake in the Ukraine today for all progressive people fighting for change, liberation and human solidarity. All capitalism can offer in its state of decay is more poverty, repression, fascism and war



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  1. Ukraine: US, NATO, EU Want Nuland’s Neo-Nazi Thugs in Power


    Instead of the Obama Administration trying to sit down with President Putin and negotiate a way out of this in good faith, all the signs are that the Obama Administration is going to try to cement Victoria Nuland’s neo-nazi gang of thugs in Kiev into power, according to US based Professor Francis Boyle. He says the OSCE (The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe), NATO and the EU all support the US/CIA “project” as he called it. Professor Boyle says it is appalling that the EU stated that Nuland’s neo-nazi thugs in Kiev “reflect European values” and that there is an enormous amount of war propaganda and disinformation being put out including by Zbignew Brzezinskiyand his “pet poodle” Madeleine Albright who continue to attempt to demonize irrationally Russia.

    This is John Robles, you are listening to an interview with Professor Francis Boyle. He is a Professor in International Law at the University of Illinois College of Law in Champaign in Illinois.

    francis boyle

    Robles: Hello, Professor Boyle, it is a pleasure to be speaking with you.

    Boyle: Thank you very much for having me on again and my best to your listening audience.

    Robles: Thank you, sir. I’d like to get your opinion on the human rights situation in Ukraine and your opinion overall on where that situation has headed and where you think it is headed, please?

    Boyle: It doesn’t look good at all, John. Instead of the Obama Administration trying to sit down with president Putin and negotiate a way out of this in good faith, all the signs are that the Obama Administration is going to try to quote “cement” unquote, as Nuland put it, their neo-nazi gang of thugs in Kiev into power.

    Today already rumors has it that the OSCE (The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe), they seem to be on board with this project. NATO just came out with a statement, they seem to be on board with this project, the EU under Barroso came out with an appalling statement supporting this saying, that Nuland’s neoNazi thugs in Kiev ‘reflect European values’.

    It is simply astounding.

    You saw Secretary of State John Kerry yesterday on Meeting the Press completely out of control, he does not sound to be rational at all.

    He is flying over there to Kiev to cement these neo-nazi thugs in power. UK Foreign Secretary Hague was over there this weekend for the same purpose.

    Obviously if people were serious about solving this problem, they would be flying over the Moscow and meeting with president Putin and Foreign Minister Lavrov. Instead they are telling president Putin that he should be negotiating with their gang of neo-nazi thugs in Kiev.

    So this notion you are seeing –they are trying to find an off-ramp for Putin, it is absurd that is propaganda.

    Again, they are trying to consolidate into power this gang of neo-nazi thugs who launched a coup d’état against the democratically elected government in Ukraine.

    Seems pretty clear what is going on and I’m sorry to say that: so far President Putin seems to be restrained, he is just sitting there, in Crimea so far he hasn’t attacked any of the Ukrainian troops that are surrounded.

    That is good, let them just sit there, they are not going anywhere. And let’s try to keep this thing managed, short of armed conflict between Russian and Ukrainian troops…

    Robles: I’d like just to clarify here. In Crimea all of the troops, you said they are surrounded. No, they are not surrounded. I mean, in Crimea all of these troops – they’ve switched sides, basically. They said they would not recognize or fight for the government that is currently in Kiev because they say it is illegitimate.

    Boyle: I’m sorry, I hadn’t seen that come off the wire service yet, and unfortunately so much of the western news media is propaganda like this ultimatum that Russia was supposed to have given to these troops.

    Robles: There was no ultimatum.

    Boyle: There was none, right. That was a Ukrainian source and despite all this time reporting it the BBC finally had to back up. So, you are correct. There are an enormous amount of war propaganda and disinformation being put out.

    Meanwhile yesterday on CNN you had Brzezinskiyand his pet poodle Madeleine Albright in Munichcomparing President Putin to hitler evoking Sudetenland and everything like that.

    Robles: How can they do that when they are supporting neo-nazis who are openly calling for the killing of Jews, and the killing of blacks, and the killing of Russians in the streets? How can they compare Putin to hitler? He had to deploy troops to protect the approximately 80% Russian speaking population in Crimea, who these guys were threatening to annihilate and kill?

    Boyle: This is all part of the game plan here, John. These spokes people, these experts, we discussed this before, Brzezinskiy is in ex-patriot Pole who hates the Russians with a passion and wants to break up the Russian Federation. But unfortunately he is the top guru in the Democratic Party on Foreign Affairs, he is Obama’s mentor, ran his campaign and everyone in this administration is acceptable to him.

    So immediately after Brzezinskiy and Albright invoked Munich and Hitler and Sudetenland all the rest of US news media lock-step just jumped right on.

    Robles: Just a reminder,you are listening to an interview with Professor Francis Boyle.

    Boyle: So what we are seeing here is an orchestrated, I would say war campaign propaganda, against Russia that I think looks somewhat ominous that they have further steps in mind.

    We very well might see these neo-nazi thugs in Kiev invite NATO troops to enter Western Ukraine to allegedly defend them in Kiev and at that point Ukraine at least Western Ukraine will become a de facto member of NATO which has been their objective all along.

    So it is an extremely dangerous situation, I think this is being orchestrated, they already have two US warships in the Black Sea, that they pre-positioned before the Olympics and a third one is on its way.

    So, it is clear, their attitude is “we stole Kiev and Western Ukraine and we are going to keep it no matter what”.

    Robles: I see. So, the Russian population, the Jewish population, all the other nationalities in Ukraine – they no longer have any human rights as long as NATO has an objective.

    Boyle: That is correct. Now they are going to impose these IMF conditionalities on them, that even their puppet Yatsenyuk thinks this would be a political kamikaze, he knows it would be suicidal – reduce Ukraine far below what we are seeing going now on in Greece.

    Robles: Where do you see this is going?

    Boyle: The main objective here is to bring Ukraine into NATO, either de facto or de jure, that has been their long standing objectives certainly and I’m afraid we very will might see NATO troops entering Ukraine, so..or EU troops. Remember, EU has a 5,000 man strike force that they can deploy too.

    Robles: NATO are actually calling for a meeting, Poland is invoking Article 4. But Ukraine is not a NATO member.

    Boyle: It was called by Lithuania invoking Article 4, but after the meeting the Secretary General Rasmussen came out and lied twice, he said :’We weren’t meeting under Article 4 and no one asked for an Article 4 meeting’.

    So the question is why is he lying and what is he hiding and what decisions were made at this NATO meeting? I don’t know, but there are reports that Poland has assembled troops at its border.

    So as I said I regret the same we could be seeing either NATO or EU troops entering Western Ukraine and going to Kiev in order to cement power of Nuland’s gang of neo-nazi thugs.

    Robles: Very serious question here is the US and NATO – are they ready to provoke a war with Russia in order to station their NATO troops in Ukraine?

    Boyle: I don’t know if they are willing to provoke a war with Russia. I don’t think they would go that far. But I do think they would like to take over the Western half of the Ukraine and basically treat it as a de facto member of NATO, integrate into the EU subject it to the IMF. Which are just pretty much all parts of the same package. And then you know let President Putin sit there in Crimea.

    We have to see how this develops. But all the sings as I said to add insult to injury Kerry and Nuland and Hague have all told president Putin that he should be negotiating with the neo-nazi thugs in Kiev which is just outrageous. Why should the democratically elected president be negotiating with their gang of thugs?

    He should be negotiating directly with Kerry, Hague, EU Foreign Ministers, NATO, whatever.

    He should get an airplane to Moscow now to meet with president Putin and to meet forward with Mr. Lavrov, and they are not doing it. They are all going to Ukraine, to Kiev to meet with their thugs.

    The transcript of an interview with Professor Francis Boyle, Professor in International Law at the University of Illinois College of Law

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