The Total Collapse

Belarus to Ask Russia to Send Warplanes

Posted: 12 Mar 2014 09:47 AM PDT

Russian military ally Belarus will ask Moscow to deploy 12 to 15 warplanes on its territory in response to increased NATO activity near its borders due to tension over Ukraine, President Alexander Lukashenko said Wednesday. The U.S. and Poland, Belarus’s western neighbour, began war games on Tuesday that are expected to involve at least 12 U.S. F-16 fighter jets. A joint naval exercise of U.S., Bulgarian and Romanian naval […]

Chairman Of Joint Chiefs: US Ready For “Military Response” In Ukraine

Posted: 12 Mar 2014 09:27 AM PDT

With diplomacy having failed miserably to resolve the Russian annexation of Crimea, and soon East Ukraine (and with John Kerry in charge of it, was there ever any doubt), the US is moving to the heavy artillery. First, moments ago, the US DOE announced in a shocking announcement that it would proceed with the first […]

Putin Orders Massive War Moves To Protect Iraq After Saudi Threats

Posted: 12 Mar 2014 09:23 AM PDT

A grave report prepared by the Ministry of Defense (MoD) circulating in the Kremlin today says that President Putin has “immediately activated” the combat-hardened 98th Guards Airborne Division for “potential action” throughout the Middle Eastern nation of Iraq after Saudi Arabia’s threat of war against the Gulf Monarchy State of Qatar. The 98th Guards Airborne Division, this report states, were put into their […]

Russia launches paratroop exercise east of Ukraine. Moscow tycoons move assets from West to Far East

Posted: 11 Mar 2014 01:28 PM PDT

The clash between the antagonists in the Ukraine crisis – Russia on one side and the US and Europe on the other – is heating up in the countdown to the Crimean referendum on secession on Sunday March 16. Tuesday, March 11, as European ministers discussed sanctions against Russia, Moscow launched its biggest military exercise in 20 years. It […]

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