Now NATO makes it EASY To Declare War

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MOSSAD motto
The policies have been changed, yet again, now NATO’s war declaration requirements have been lowered for NATO officials to escalate World War 3.
See: NATO’s new cyber defence policy: “Cyberspace is considered by military strategists as the fifth domain of war – land, sea, air and space are the first four. Extending the rule to cyberspace would send a message to Russia, which is blamed for attacks against Estonia in 2007 which floored the Baltic state’s banking and telecom systems during a time of civil unrest, as well as cyber-attacks that accompanied a ground war in Georgia a year later.”
And also see: UK Reuters: “NATO leaders agreed on Friday that a large-scale cyber attack on a member country could be considered an attack on the entire U.S.-led alliance, potentially triggering a militaryresponse.

The chains of obedience must be broken, else the world will descend into…

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