VT 10-26-14… “Israeli minister warns of crisis in ties with US”

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israel_minister_lapidAn earlier VT article (Washington snubs Israeli minister of military affairs) announced this “snub”, which appears to be part of a process of de-Zionization. I mainly post this here for the highlights I got from the comments by Jim Dean.

“[Jim Dean, from the first article] …with the elections just around the corner, when the Zionist mobsters also have a long history of setting up media bombs to divert attention away from the election issues, this took some gonads for the White House to do. This never would have happened in the Bush… or Clinton White Houses.

“[Jim Dean] …this was a major incident taking place very close to the November elections…Obama telling Moshe Ya’alon and Bibi that the ploy not only did not work, but got shot down in flames in front of AIPAC and everybody.

“Lost in all the post Gaza reporting is that Obama…

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