FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 11-24-14… “Pentagon ready to take action as US Nazionist rogue regime now totally isolated”

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“Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada and US President Barack Obama have signed their own arrest warrants with this open support for Nazi murderers. Obama underscored his support for the Nazis last week by authorizing sending $120 million worth of weapons to the Neo-Nazi militias in the Ukraine, according to US government sources.

“Reacting in disgust to the Obama rogue regime’s murderous actions, the CIA has now mostly fallen under the control of a faction once headed by former CIA Director William Colby. Colby was murdered by the Bush Nazi Directorate of Operations faction of the CIA in 1996 but his supporters are now back in control, CIA and Pentagon sources say.

“According to top bosses at the P2 Freemason Lodge…, the US rogue government is now led by three people… Jeb Bush…, David S. Cohen of the Treasury Department… and Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu.

“The BIS…, the Scottish…

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FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 11-17-14… “G20 meeting was a total defeat for the cabal, Bush and Cohen crime families on the run”

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“…when the Russian navy stationed a fleet near the G20 meeting in Australia the Americans were too scared to send their own fleet to respond.

“…detailed evidence was presented to world leaders showing the Malaysian Airlines flight 370/17 incidents were nuclear blackmail carried out by the Bush and Cohen crime families of Florida, P2 Freemason lodge and pentagon sources say. The Pentagon has reacted to these revel…why US President Barack Obama was so anti-Israel. He was told Obama was just a spokesperson for the US military. It was explained to him that the US military was angry about such things as 911 and the USS Liberty incident.ations by carrying yet another restructuring of its nuclear forces in order to stop any more Bush/Cohen nuclear terror.

“Abe returned to Japan only to find a mutiny against him inside the ruling Liberal Democratic and Komeito parties, according to Japanese right wing sources…

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A “Wake Up” VIDEO… “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World”

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I just started listening to the first minutes of this (6 hr +) video, and I sense it’s one that many will attune to, and may assist those that are ready to “wake up”.

It may also be helpful for some to see the elaborate illusion systems that have been arrayed “against” us, and as opposition to our spiritual awakening, and growth.

For those in The Kingdom of Hawai’i, it would include the illusion systems of “State of Hawaii”, “Federal Government”, OHA, Roll Commission, Kana’iolowalu, and all attempts to make Hawaiian blood people into “American Indians”.

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Benjamin Fulford 11-17-14… ” G20 meeting was a total defeat for the cabal, Bush and Cohen crime families on the run”

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benjamin_fulford_ottowa_senators_shirt_5G20 meeting was a total defeat for the cabal, Bush and Cohen crime families on the run
Posted by benjamin, November 17, 2014

The G20 meeting that just ended in Australia was a total defeat for the cabal and its agenda, multiple sources say. The cabal tried to use the Ukraine as an excuse to start war against Russia as a way to rebuild Western economies and keep itself in power. However, instead, the French, British and Germans abandoned the cabal controlled Americans and joined with the vast majority of the planet to support a BRICS led initiative for a new Marshall plan for the planet, the sources say. The attempts to inflame the sentiment for war using the Ukraine and ISIS went nowhere with most world leaders.

The BRICS and APEC summits week ended up focusing on stopping tax evasion by multinational corporations and increasing resources for fighting poverty…

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Armstrong Economics: Governments Are Conspiring Against People Worldwide

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Each year more executives are sharing the institutional scams against the People on Earth.
Martin Armstrong is a very respected investor/advisor, thus we discuss two of his recent posts that bluntly focus on the institutional systems of control. ~Ron

The Truth About G20 Banking Directive

Head in Hands

Apparently my post is now being taken up and regurgitated by others rewriting what I have written that your bank account has been stolen, and somehow this is the end of money to just about aliens have landed. These exaggerations are obviously written by people lacking the legal understanding of this issue.

LEGALLY MONEY IN A BANK HAS NEVER BEEN YOUR’S – nothing has changed. What has changed is that government is reneging on the New Deal and Socialism. The entire reason for creating the FDIC was for the government to regulate banks and thus…

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William Engdahl, NEO 11-11-14… ” Princeton makes it official — USA Has Become Oligarchy, No Democracy”

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45345345353Last April, I posted another article about this report, or maybe this is an update from that one. Anyway, it’s perhaps a useful tool for those who might not think that the “American System” has been taken over by this thing called “oligarchy”.


Princeton makes it official — USA Has Become Oligarchy, No Democracy

American media is fond of speaking about “Russian Oligarchs” as if Russia were the only nation that allowed accumulation of such unprecedented wealth. The Yeltsin days of dis-order and collapse indeed saw the rapid rise of many fortunes and oligarchs—persons of very much wealth. Some of them have proven patriotic citizens, some like Khodokorvsky or the late unlamented Boris Berezhovsky proved to be loveless gangsters. A new study, however by a Princeton University Professor of the influence of very wealthy or economically powerful persons on American political policies makes clear for the first time…

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Russian Pacific Fleet guided missile cruiser Varyag and the destroyer Marshal Shaposhnikov (along with their support ships) to international waters.

by Georgi Stankov, November 14, 2014


As reported today on this website the “accelerated deployment” of the Russian Pacific Fleet guided missile cruiser Varyag and the destroyer Marshal Shaposhnikov (along with their support ships) to international waters off the coast of Australia has been confirmed by the Australian Navy which has sent another of their warships to the region.

The replenishment vessel HMAS Sirius.has joined the Australian Navy warships HMAS Parramatta and HMAS Stuart that had been ordered to “crash sail” to meet the Russian fleet.

The deployment of the Russian Pacific Fleet off the coast of Australia was necessary in order to prevent a “plot” by the Obama regime to attack President Putin’s plane during his attendance of this weekend’s G-20 Summit in Brisbane, Australia as reported by myself today.

This unque precaution measure on the part of Russia should be viewed on the background of the possible attempt to assassinate President Putin as his plane’s path intersected MH-17. Due to the outward appearance similarity of these two aircraft the two Ukrainian Air Force fighter jets mistakenly shot MH-17 down, a fact which newly discovered radar tapes confirm, as published today by the Saker:

“MH17: more proof that the Ukies did it

The Russian newspaper MK has obtained a screenshot of the recording of a civilian Russian radar screen in Rostov – just east of the Russian-Ukrainian border. This is what is shows:

What this image shows is 20 minutes of recording of the airspace before and after the shooting down of MH17. The course of MH17 is shown in purple while the numerous little blue “T” shaped objects in the circle show the radar return of one or, possibly two, aircraft which either do not have a transponder or which have not switched it on. Either way, since we know that the Novorussian Resistance did not have aircraft, and since we know that the Ukrainians have denied that they had any aircraft anywhere near this area at that time, and since we know that had this been a Russian aircraft the US/NATO AWACS and satellites would have picked it up and presented this damning proof a long time ago we can come to the only possible conclusion: the Ukies and their US/EU patrons are lying, the aircraft seen on the radar are Ukrainian, no Buk missile was involved in the shooting (though I personally believe that one was used to cue the Ukrainian aircraft to MH17) and that MH17 was shot down by a combo of gun and missile fire from one or two Ukrainian aircraft.

The Saker”

According to well-informed Russian sources, the Obama regime has ordered all US Navy warships in the Australian region not to approach, or in any way provoke, these Russian ships over their fears of another “USS Donald Cook incident” occurring.

As reported today, USS Donald Cook is an Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer in the US Navy and is considered as one of, if not the most, powerful warships in America’s arsenal, but which was completely disabled by Russian forces in the Black Sea this past April.

The Russia & India Report News Service have also confirmed this “incident” in an article from May this year:

“The Su-24 Russian tactical bomber which approached the Donald Cook carried no bombs or missiles but a container with the Khibiny radio-electronic military system. Having approached the destroyer, Khibiny was used to switch off the American destroyer’s radar, battle control circuits and data exchange systems. In other words, it turned off the whole Aegis by remote control. After this, the Su-24 simulated a missile attack at the “blind and deaf” ship, and repeated the manoeuvre 12 times. When the Russian fighter left, the Donald Cook rushed to a Romanian port and never approached Russian waters again.”

So gravely demoralizing was this “incident” to the US Navy that 27 sailors from the USS Donald Cook requested to be relieved from active service after their warship’s total disablement by the technologically superior Russian forces.

The Pacific Fleet’s guided missile cruiser Varyag sent to protect President Putin is equipped with (at least) three new and highly secretive Altius unmanned air vehicles (UAV) that are all equipped with both the Khibiny and Borisoglebsk-2 electronic warfare systems. Therefore it is no wonder that the US Navy has “fled in fear” from encountering the Russian fleet.

Whether President Putin himself is in fear of the Obama regime’s plot to assassinate him can be judged at best by his interview given today to TASS, where he declares that the Russian economy won’t be dominated by America’s “Dollar Dictatorship”. How determined Putin is to confront the USA can be easily deduced from his decision to buy whopping 55 tonnes of gold in Q3 in preparation for the inevitable economic and financial collapse of this tumbling

Photo of MH17 Bring Fired at by a Fighter Jet… from 1TV.ru 11-14-14… “Moments before the crash “Boeing” near Donetsk – a unique frame in the analytical program “However””

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Click to enlarge Click to enlarge (link to original photo)

I’m not sure exactly what this article says, as it appears to be the “Google”-type translation, but it is very clear in the video, that it shows a light beam (presumably machine gun fire or rocket) going straight at the aircraft, which the article says is the Malaysian Air MH17. Go to about 2:00 in the video to see the photos, apparently released by an insider. The original Russian News article is here.

[Found at RMN.]


Moments before the crash “Boeing” near Donetsk – a unique frame in the analytical program “However” (also here)

[Click to see video]

November 14, 2014

Moments before the crash “Boeing” near Donetsk – a unique frame in the analytical program “However”

At the disposal of Channel proved sensational shot, presumably made by foreign spy satellite in the last seconds of…

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FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 11-11-14… “Signs of cabal defeat are now obvious but, expect one last big push for war”

……..”The US corporate government is in no position to win any war against Russia and China at this point in time because neither its NATO allies nor Japan are going to go along with such a suicidal and world-destroying plan”……….

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benjamin_fulford_ottowa_senators_shirt_4Signs of cabal defeat are now obvious but, expect one last big push for war
Posted by benjamin, November 11, 2014

The signs of cabal defeat are now proliferating to an extent that can no longer be hidden from any but the most deeply brainwashed people in the West. The most obvious sign is the APEC meeting winding up today in China. There three of the world’s largest oil producers, Canada, Russia and Qatar signed new deals to trade oil in Yuan. This makes it a mathematical certainty the petrodollar is finished. Russia also announced it was de-pegging the Ruble from the petrodollar.

In England, meanwhile, multiple senior politicians are working towards creating government currency to replace the 300 year old Rothschild fiat currency regime, according to MI5 sources. On November 20th, for the first time in 170 years, the British Parliament will discuss this issue. This is link to…

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Committee of 300 Member List | Guelph Black Nobility | Illuminati By Pseudo Reality



From the article…

Current Membership List of the Committee of 300


…I have copied a few important key notes. If you scroll to the bottom of the Committee of 300 membership list found on http://www.pseudoreality.org/committeeof300.html,  you will find the following excerpts.


-The current criminal agenda of the Committee of 300 is further evidenced by recently leaked Club of Rome documents, as they describe how they will use drugs to help stifle resistance to their New World Order scheme: “…having been failed by Christianity, and with unemployment rife on every hand, those who have been without jobs for five years or more, will turn away from the church and seek solace in drugs. By then, full control of the drug trade must be completed in order that the government of all countries who are under our jurisdiction have a monopoly in place which we will control by controlling supplies reaching…

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