False Flag Terror—The Occult Connections


William Ramsey looks at the entire sequence of the bombing events of the last decade and decodes the occult connections.
SOURCE: http://www.henrymakow.com/false_flag_terror—the_occult.html

by William Ramsey

(for henrymakow,.com)

During the imperial Bush presidency, many ostensibly terrorist-inspired bombings took place throughout the world. In particular, there were attacks in the following cities:

New York, United States

Bali, Indonesia

Madrid, Spain

London, England

Amman, Jordan

These attacks shocked the world and convinced the global populace that a “War on Terror” was necessary to ensure their safety. However, upon investigation, many of the so-called terrorist bombings and/or attacks were revealed to be false flag operations. These false flag operations seem to have the intent to propel a covert agenda of global war and globalization. Does this secret agenda have an even darker connection to the occult? Do the dates of these attacks have particular meaning in the occult?



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