Anglo-Dutch Empire Threatens Human Extinction! Global Thermonuclear War!

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The Illuminati Organization Chart. Source: The Illuminati Organization Chart. Source:

” … we’re on the verge of a potential for thermonuclear war globally. Which would probably include the extinction of the Saudis and of Pakistan as well. The Saudis have a nuclear weapon, and they’re threatening to trigger a global thermonuclear war.” – Quote

  • The Anglo-Dutch Empire, as mentioned here by Lyndon LaRouche, is what I describe as the western empire controlled by the western Illuminati. At the top echelons are the Black Nobility of Europe headed by the British Monarchy! America is simply a Military (Pentagon) and Finance (FedRes, Wall Street, TBTF Banks) arm of this empire.
  • Too few people read what Lyndon LaRouche has to say, unfortunately. He is a straight talker and wise old man (91+). He does not ‘sanitize’ the truth to make it politically correct or remove religious/occult aspects just because some readers cannot accept it. Straight forward no BS, calls it as…

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