Gordon Duff NEO 1-27-15… “Truth Gone Bad, How 9/11 Activists Have Failed”

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new_eastern_outlook_header_11Part of the reason I’m posting this is because of the information nested within. I happened to listen to the VT Radio show, live, today, and heard bits of this in the first hour. Of interest to me, were the items about the Obama administration cleaning house in the CIA. We’ve been hearing some about this from other sources, in particular, David Wilcock, so to me, this is independent confirmation of such “changes occurring from within”.

Here are the highlights I gleaned from this one.

“Experts in counter-intelligence who have researched both materials and key individuals involved [in 9-11 truth movements] have found evidence that the “dead in the water” groups continue year after year for one purpose only, to represent a “point of focus” away from leaked materials that have, in actuality, entirely solved “the 9/11 mystery.”

“[Prime Minister David] Cameron is advocating a complete press lock down…

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