FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 2-9-15… “Zionazi defeat now inevitable, Pentagon to turn blind eye as Russia, Iran and Turkey take-out Saudi Arabia”

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benjamin_fulford_ottowa_senators_shirt_35More big news reported here. Keeps on comin’, baby!!

“The arrest by Germany last week (as reported in this blog) of a US government official carrying billions of dollars in forged US $100 bills destined for the Ukraine has had enormous and ongoing repercussions. The Pentagon contacted this writer to say this was “actionable intelligence.”

“…there are clear signs that this Zionazi cancer is being dealt with elsewhere already. There is a G20 meeting going on in Turkey which… is part of a series of meetings aimed at being the equivalent of the 1945 Yalta conference… the implication is that a series of ongoing meetings will herald the biggest changes in international architecture since the end of World War 2… These meetings are discussing a total transformation of the current international architecture including the IMF, the World Bank and the UN.

“The US official arrested by Germany has…

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Scars of Gaza by Raffoul, illustrated by posters of many painters

Published on 14 Aug 2014
Raffoul, rap singer from Jerusalem, sings Scars of Gaza introduced by Dr Dahlia Wasfi. The slide show is illustrated with posters in support of Gaza by many painters: Greer Valley, Sam Kerson, Michael Thompson, Hosni Radwan, Don Nash, Hafez Omar, Micah Bazant, Farah Filistin, Jesus Barraza, Lee Robison, Radit Juli, Ricardo Levins Moales, Waleed Idrees, Yibna. The cover painting is by Ricardo Levins Morales. Slide show by Eitan Altman

Merkel, Obama Split on Ukraine Crisis Solution!

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  • Published on Feb 9, 2015
    German Chancellor Angela Merkel met with President Barack Obama in the White House on Monday, discussing several contentious issues including the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. The two leaders are at odds over the war, with the US considering sending lethal arms to the Ukrainian military despite objections from several major European leaders and Merkel herself. RT’s Manuel Rapalo is at the White House with more.

https://larouchepac.com/20150203/obama-places-world-fast-track-thermonuclear-war Click on image for article!


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Crazy U.S. senators Lyndsey Graham and John McCain upset Germany doesn’t want a war in Europe

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Merkel says no to weapons for Kiev, US objects

Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and U.S. Vice President Joe Biden (L-R) arrive for a meeting during the 51st Munich Security Conference at the ‘Bayerischer Hof’ hotel in Munich February 7, 2015.

Germany’s Angela Merkel said on Saturday that sending arms to help Ukraine fight pro-Russian separatists would not solve the crisis there, drawing sharp rebukes from U.S. politicians who accused Berlin of turning its back on an ally in distress.

The heated exchanges at a security conference in Munich pointed to cracks in the transatlantic consensus on how to confront Russian President Vladimir Putin over a deepening conflict in eastern Ukraine that has killed more than 5,000.

Ukraine’s military said on Saturday that pro-Russian separatists had stepped up shelling of government forces and appeared to be amassing troops for new offensives on the key railway town of…

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Why U.S. Reporters Are Always Pro-War, 6 companies now own 90% of the American media.

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Why U.S. Reporters Are Always Pro-War

war press5 Reasons that Both Mainstream Media – and Gatekeeper “Alternative” Websites – Are Pro-War

There are five reasons that the mainstream media and the largest alternative media websites are always pro-war.

1. Self-Censorship by Journalists

Initially, there is tremendous self-censorship by journalists.

A survey by the Pew Research Center and the Columbia Journalism Review in 2000 found:

Self-censorship is commonplace in the news media today …. About one-quarter of the local and national journalists say they have purposely avoided newsworthy stories, while nearly as many acknowledge they have softened the tone of stories to benefit the interests of their news organizations. Fully four-in-ten (41%) admit they have engaged in either or both of these practices.

Similarly, a 2003 survey reveals that 35% of reporters and news executives themselves admitted that journalists avoid newsworthy stories if “the story would be embarrassing or damaging…

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“Russian Aggression”: The Big Lie Blasted Worldwide Ad Nauseam …

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Russian Aggression: The Big Lie Blasted Worldwide Ad Nauseam …

by Stephen Lendman

Try imagining one dollar for each time Western officials and presstitute media scoundrels screamed “Russian aggression” daily since US planned, directed and implemented Kiev aggression on Donbas began last April.
Easily enough for round-trip first class travel from any point of departure to any destination several times over.
Plus ground transportation, 5-star hotel accommodations, first-class meals, miscellaneous expenses, with enough left for souvenir trip remembrances.
Big Lies have a life of their own. Circulate worldwide with electronic ease. Printed multiple times daily in Western publications.
Russian aggression, Russian hoards, Russian threats, big bad Russian bear comments infest so-called Western journalism like crabgrass besets lawns.
Big Lies repeated enough get most people to believe them. Especially when hard truth narratives are suppressed.
Western propaganda blasts the Big Lies to global viewers, listeners and readers worldwide. Truth is their…

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