“Russian Aggression”: The Big Lie Blasted Worldwide Ad Nauseam …

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Russian Aggression: The Big Lie Blasted Worldwide Ad Nauseam …

by Stephen Lendman

Try imagining one dollar for each time Western officials and presstitute media scoundrels screamed “Russian aggression” daily since US planned, directed and implemented Kiev aggression on Donbas began last April.
Easily enough for round-trip first class travel from any point of departure to any destination several times over.
Plus ground transportation, 5-star hotel accommodations, first-class meals, miscellaneous expenses, with enough left for souvenir trip remembrances.
Big Lies have a life of their own. Circulate worldwide with electronic ease. Printed multiple times daily in Western publications.
Russian aggression, Russian hoards, Russian threats, big bad Russian bear comments infest so-called Western journalism like crabgrass besets lawns.
Big Lies repeated enough get most people to believe them. Especially when hard truth narratives are suppressed.
Western propaganda blasts the Big Lies to global viewers, listeners and readers worldwide. Truth is their…

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