A Couple More “Helms of Jade”, and (presumably) that’s about it, folks…

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veterans_today_banner_NEW_117veterans_today_gordon_duff_banner_43These were at VT, from Gordon Duff. As before, I’m posting titles and links, and a couple highlights.

I will once again point out that that GoodETxSG/Corey has reminded us, at least twice, of the “massive” disinfo campaign we can expect, and are in right now (Post A, Post B).


Busted: Jade Helm Hysteria Peddlers

“We had seen it all before in the Ukraine. Video of Russian tank columns, doctored satellite photos, bogus witnesses to the shootdown of MH17. Now it is being done here and it is the Jade Helm hoax…

“The Jade Helm Experience, this is what we have to call it, is produced in Tel Aviv and is doing a road show across the internet, preying on the weak minded, the careless, the insecure and frightened, a classic psychological warfare operation as only our “to be admired” Israeli friends can do.”


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