Magna Carta: Celebrating 800 years of not being free


Source: Sovereign Man blog, by Simon Black


In the history of post-Norman monarchs in the UK there have been nine Henrys. Eight Edwards. Four Williams. Four Georges. And three Richards.

Yet there was only one John.

In fact, in nearly 1,000 years since William the Conqueror took England in 1066, John was the only King to never have his name repeated.

And with reason. He wasn’t exactly a popular guy, widely despised by his people and nobles alike.

John constantly taxed and plundered his subjects to finance pointless wars abroad. He extorted them with ever-increasing fines and imprisoned people for absurd, victimless crimes.

He used his local police (sheriffs) to confiscate private property under threat of violence, building them into the most feared and powerful force in the kingdom.

According to Harry Buffardi’s book “The History of the Office of the Sheriff”, King John deliberately selected “men of harsh…

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