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Famous World Leaders have often lied about the day they were born, and used FAKE NAMES. Did you know that U.S. President Gerald Ford’s real name was Lesley Lynch King? Another example; do you know who Vladimir Ulyanov is? Nope – you’ll know him by his fake name of LENIN. Vladimir Lenin was born in Simbirsk on the 22nd of April 1870 but biographer Akim Arutiunov says no one knows when the man was really born! But it goes deeper than that – many world leaders – such as Ronald Reagan have employed astrologers – and they have deliberately often lied about their birth days and used fake names to thwart astrologers from predicting their decisions on the world stage.

Chris Everard reveals the U.S. President with a fake name. Chris Everard reveals the U.S. President with a fake name.

Joseph Stalin copied Lenin and changed his official date of birth too. Officially Stalin was born on the 21st…

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