British Lash Out in Defense of Their Man Obama and Wall Street

Lyndon LaRouche today pronounced both Bernie Sanders and fellow Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton politically dead, for their overt support of Barack Obama, including Clinton’s vociferous opposition to a return to the Glass-Steagall bill. That, LaRouche stated, leaves the Democratic Party and its Presidential campaign to be resuscitated by a radical return to the founding economic and philosophical principles of the U.S., as spearheaded by Lyndon LaRouche’s Manhattan Project.

The developments on the U.S. campaign front are part of a growing international pattern of the British Empire lashing out to try to recoup from Russian President Vladimir Putin’s strategic flanking operations, and from generally being on the defensive over recent months. Over the weekend, they activated Bernie Sanders, who performed a sharp about-face on his views on Obama on the eve of the Oct. 13 Presidential debate, by praising British stooge Obama to the skies in an Oct. 11 TV interview.

Another case of British-sponsored response to the existential threat to the survival of the British Empire, was the U.S. bombing of the Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, which Lyndon LaRouche denounced as an act of intentional murder by the British-run Obama.

Over the past 24-48 hours, other elements to be considered as part of this pattern include:

• A mortar attack on the Russian Embassy in Damascus Monday. Two rounds hit the embassy, as a pro-Russian demonstration was occurring outside. No one was hurt, but Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov denounced the attack as “obviously a terrorist attack directed to most likely frighten the backers of the fight against terror and not allow them to win in the fight against extremism.”

• A domestic terrorist plot was dismantled by Russian authorities, in response to their successful operation in Syria.

• Obama and the Saudis are rearming the hard-hit Syrian terrorist apparatus with TOW anti-tank missiles and other weapons, at just the point that Syria and their Russian allies have them on the run.

• The NATO military exercise “Steadfast Noon” was launched, and will run from Oct. 13-16 from the air base at Büchel, Germany, It will simulate the delivery of nuclear weapons from bombers, including German Tornado jets. It involves the U.S. and eight other NATO states: Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Czechia, Greece, and Turkey.

• A policy brawl has also erupted inside the United Kingdom over what policies to pursue, both economically and strategically. That fight has now broken out on national television, with BBC “Panorama” running a show in shameless defense of a criminal pedophile ring which heavily intersects the British Monarchy.

The removal of Barack Obama from the White House remains the most effective route to preventing the threat of thermonuclear war, and to finally burying the British Empire and its deadly policies.


Obama’s Team Boosting Bernie Sanders

Obama political strategist David Axelrod, whom LPAC’s sources confirm is still very much a member of the Obama inner circle, despite no longer having a White House office, pumped Bernie Sanders on the eve of the first Democratic Party debate as “utterly authentic,” as opposed to Hillary Clinton, whom he labelled as on “super probation … when it comes to inauthenticity.”

Axelrod’s public talk matches reports given to LPAC that Sanders does have a “window” with Obama’s White House.

Axelrod had also puffed Sanders a month earlier, then as “thoroughly authentic,” in a Sept. 18 speech in Chicago in which he identified “authenticity” as the quality which was key to the success of president George Bush and Barack Obama. Axelrod of course fails to admit that Bush and Obama are two of the United States’s most authentically British Crown-owned candidates, whose combined terms have brought the U.S. to the brink of destruction.

Sanders’s fundraising success is being hailed by Axelrod as “stunning,” and of far better quality than Hillary’s contributions when the third quarter’s results were reported. Axelrod, like top Al Gore 2000 strategist Ted Devine, who is now advising Sanders, assert that Sanders’s fundraising has secured his place as a major factor in the Democratic presidential race.

Neither Axelrod nor Devine mention, however, that Sanders’s online fundraising apparatus was seconded to him by Obama’s White House. Yahoo Politics picked up on this story, too, in an Oct. 7 piece (“How a Team of Obama Veterans Helped Bernie Sanders Pull in a Record Number of Donations”) reporting on the “small guerilla-marketing team” now running Sanders’s online fundraising operation, headed by Scott Goodstein and Arun Chaudhary, who ran Obama’s 2008 online fundraising operation.

Columnist Pam Martens Blasts Hillary Clinton for Opposing Glass-Steagall

In the Oct. 13 issue of her regular column in, financial columnist Pam Martens rips into Hillary Clinton as a “Wall Street Democrat… who has no intention of restoring the Glass-Steagall Act… which kept our financial system safe for 66 years.”

In an article co-authored with Russ Martens, she warns of another meltdown of the international financial system. “In reality, the dark, gathering, economic storm clouds are merely the second leg of the 2008 financial collapse, set in motion on November 12, 1999 when President Bill Clinton, surrounded by Wall Street sychophants, signed the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act… which repealed the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933.” She adds that the repeal of Glass-Steagal also “ushered in the greatest wealth transfer scheme in the history of America” by public bailouts for casino gambling by the mega-banks.

On Oct. 12, Martens had issued a similar blast: “Hillary’s transparently vapid proposals to tinker around the tattered edges of the Wall Street Democrats’ Dodd-Frank illusion of reforming Wall Street (after two of America’s largest banks became admitted felons just five months ago) rather than breaking up the banks and restoring the Glass-Steagal Act, should instantly disqualify her as a serious candidate for the Oval office among Democrats.”

British Establishment Strikes Back with Attack on Pedophile Investigations

With the British empire reeling from a series of blows on multiple flanks, which call into question its very existence, BBC’s Panorama program was deployed last week in a bald attempt to shut down the particularly nasty threat to the credibility of the imperial apparatus: the pedophile scandal which has now engulfed the highest levels of the British elite, including the Royal family, leading to a Scotland Yard investigation into charges that many of the highest political, intelligence and defense circles of the British Establishment were involved in a VIP pedophile ring going back three decades, which involved multiple murders of children, their torture, grievous bodily harm, rape, and other sexual child abuse in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

State broadcaster BBC, which for decades promoted and protected the monstrous pedophile entertainer Jimmy Savile (who was an intimate friend and confidante of Prince Charles), used its Oct. 5 Panorama investigative report to set off a witch-hunt against those championing and carrying out the pedophile investigation, alleging that the whole scandal was invented. Their star “witness” was one abuse victim, who claimed he had named top politicians “as a joke,” and called upon the police to stop their investigation “into things that probably aren’t even true.” Demands for heads to roll followed apace.

Those pushing for the investigation have not folded. Right before the BBC Panorama story aired, Scotland Yard issued a statement warning that BBC could imperil “Operation Midland,” their investigation launched last November into the pedophile crimes. “Our concerns extend beyond Operation Midland. We are worried that this program and other recent reporting will deter victims and witnesses from coming forward in the future. Seeing an individual make allegations and then be targeted by the media is not going to encourage others to speak out,” Scotland Yard said.

Taking the public point for the investigation are Deputy Labour Party Leader Tom Watson, an investigative “online service” named Exaro, and veteran social worker Chris Fay, who blew the whistle on a key part of the pedophile ring.

Watson and Exaro also functioned as the point-people for the expose of Rupurt Murdoch’s illegal wiretapping operations, which damaged his media empire. Watson, profiled as a street-fighter politician, was also a leading figure in the 2007 political “coup” that brought down former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Exaro is reported to be financed primarily by wealthy economist Jerome Booth. Booth responded to the BBC Panorama and subsequent attacks with a statement promising to continue funding Exaro, citing reports that the Independent Police Complaints Commission is also investigating how 31 previous police investigations into child sex abuse by prominent people were shut down because of “corruption.”

The Royals are also going into action. An intimate of Prince Charles since they were boys, Conservative Party MP Sir Nicholas Soames, launched an extraordinary attack on Watson in the wake of the Panorama broadcast, demanding Watson apologize for making charges about one of the accused, now-deceased Sir Leon Brittan.

But Prince Charles has just been publicly linked to yet another high-level pedophile, 83-year-old Anglican Bishop Peter Ball, who was jailed on Oct. 8 for 32 months, for sexual abuse crimes going back 40 years. Since 1992, Ball had been a spiritual adviser and intimate of Charles, who gave Ball sanctuary at one of his Duchy of Cornwall properties when allegations first surfaced against him in 1993. Just this week, Charles was forced to issue a statement, denying that he had attempted to pervert the course of justice, while the Oct. 9 Daily Mail reported that Ball had been introduced into Charles’s inner circle by none other than Mountbatten protégé and BBC star Jimmy Savile.


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