BREAKING! Trump Just Did In a Hour what the Last FOUR Administrations Couldn’t Do in Decades!



Liberals were salivating today over Trump’s trip to Mexico, just praying that it would be a disaster. Unfortunately for them, their prayers went unanswered and Trump knocked it out of the park!

Trump showed respect for Mexican President Enrique Peñawhile, but also made it clear that he wouldn’t waver when it comes to protecting the lives of Americans. Trump’s meeting was so successful, he was able to convince a Mexican president that the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) needs to be changed. No president has been able to do that in 22 years!

In 1992, Bill Clinton promised that NAFTA would result in an increase in the number of high quality jobs for Americans and reduce illegal immigration. Republicans warned that just the opposite would happen and millions of jobs will leave this country. Most Americans chose to believe Bill Clinton. Well, it is 20 years later and it turns out Republicans were right and Bill Clinton was dead wrong.

Hillary has referred to NAFTA as “the gold standard”, but statistics show NAFTA has been devastating to our economy.

We need a leader who will put politics aside and put AMERICAN jobs first! Trump just proved to the world that he has what it takes to be diplomatic without compromising strength.

THAT is what it will take to make America great again.

Watch the full press conference below…


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