PropOrNot Is Out of Step with President-elect Trump — Paul Craig Roberts


December 8, 2016

PropOrNot Is Out of Step with President-elect Trump

Paul Craig Roberts

The suppression of truth website, PropOrNot, which hides behind a secret identity in order to libel truthtellers, claims that the Russian government worked with 200 websites, described as “Russian agents,” in order to achieve the election of Donald Trump. A number of Hillary advocates include Trump as a member of the conspiracy.

Trump himself told Time magazine: “I don’t believe Russia interfered.”

Indeed, how would the accused websites reach millions of red state Americans? I doubt many of them read my website, and if they did they would probably regard me with suspicion.

Americans know what happened to them financially under Clinton, Bush, and Obama. They don’t need “Russian agents” to tell them that they are suffering. They heard Trump say that the system doesn’t work for them. Finally a presidential candidate told them what they already know and have been waiting for a politician to say. They didn’t need Putin to tell them to vote for Trump.

Washington Post degenerates into smear sheet

Zero Hedge reports on the Washington Post’s collapse under Bezos from a newspaper into a smear sheet devoid of all credibility.


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