President Trump Holds a Press Conference 2-16-17 (or, “Holy Crap, I’m really glad I’m NOT the MSM!!)

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donald_trump_press_conference_240_1I see this as a VERY positive calling out of many things, particularly CNN, BBC, and a couple others. Namely, ALL of the MSM. Many are not used to seeing someone speak directly and potently to the media, but in my view, it is about time. Honestly, I thoroughly enjoyed the “calling out”. It is very clear that the MSM is losing their grip, and we can be grateful for that, in my view.

I’ve placed some rough timings at the end of this post.

Note that I do not align with all of the things he speaks of, particularly Iran. Keystone and DAPL are also points of possible contention with me, although the use of American steel for those projects seems like a constructive idea (however, let’s get away from oil, coal, anything (dammit)!!). We shall see.

Note: This is not a video for those who view Donald Trump…

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