Whitehouse, 2-23-17 “President Trump Leads a Listening Session on Domestic and International Human Trafficking” (and comment by Corey Goode, from his vlog)

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trump_human_trafficking_session_snipAlthough this is not something I want to look at every day, nor a topic which most people would like to address, what is happening right now appears to be a major step forward in the exposure (and hopefully, addressing and eliminating) of human (including children) trafficking. The first video is one where the audio is high enough to hear easily (the WH video had very low volume).

And then I ran across Corey’s video where he adds a couple comments on what is going on behind the scenes. I’ve also posted a David Seaman commentary video below that.

It is time to cast the Light of exposure, truth, and, most importantly, healing for all who have had to experience this.




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