Leaked Pentagon Document Shows Use of “MALICIOUS ACTORS” as a Tactic and in Media by Eugene Irvin


March 4, 2015


Bobby Vaughn Jr.

This information is absolutely pivotal and must be brought to the public’s attention immediately.

Upon retrieval of this document in 2013 I was immersed in many other projects and though our team did grasp the fact that it’s magnitude was great, it is under more careful examination. We are beginning to realize the full ramifications.

Army Intelligence 2020 and Beyond pdf.

After made public in 2013, the original source link went down and has only very recently been reactivated.

The document in question –from official Pentagon sources– entitled “Army Intel 2020 and Beyond”, is perhaps the most notable leak in recent memory covering a broad variance of intelligence related information.

Perhaps most importantly is what it calls the use of “malicious actors” for use in media and other potential combat situations. In an era of false flag attacks perpetrated by rogue factions within our defense and intelligence communities, this is just in the nick of time.

This document is approved for public release, and I encourage you to share it with as many sources as humanly possible as we watch the corrupt and power hungry cabal (who has a waning grip on our media) begin to be exposed in new and unimaginable ways.