November 2013 Israel Spies on Russian Fleet Syrian Coast last days End Times News prophecy Update

Published on: Febr.  14, 2013

November 2013 Last days End Times News prophecy Update 2013 – New World Order According to a report in The Sunday Times, Israel used espionage equipment it planted off the Syrian coast to monitor Russian naval movements in the Mediterranean Sea.

The devices, which were discovered earlier this month by fishermen on Ant Island, were reportedly planted by commandoes of the IDF’s “Flotilla 13”– or in Hebrew “Sheyetet 13” elite naval unit.

The commandoes allegedly visited the island via German-manufactured Dolphin class submarines, armed with nuclear cruise missile capabilities, at least twice previously in order to gather information on the local terrain and plant the equipment on an uninhabited island in the Mediterranean, opposite to the Syrian port city of Tartus, near a Russian naval base.

The Sunday Times, citing a report on Lebanon’s Al-Manar television station, said that the gear could be used to track the movements of Russian warships and relay the pictures in real time.

It is unknown how long the equipment was in use before it was uncovered.

A senior Syrian security official told The Times that the spying gear was “highly intricate,” adding that the devises could have been used to track the Syrian military.

March 2013 President Obama meeting Putin June Iran & Syria world war 3? The eyes of world leaders are riveted the threats posed by a nuclear Iran and Chemical stockpiles and Iran running Syria. The threats posed by Iran and Syria will top the agenda with President Obama visits Israel later this month. In June, Iran and Syria will top the agenda with the President meets with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, as well.

President Barack Obama has phoned Russian President Vladimir Putin, welcoming Russian cooperation on international efforts to confront Iran’s nuclear ambitions, reports the Associated Press. The White House says the two men also discussed the ongoing violence in Syria, a topic that still divides Washington and Moscow. The White House says Putin and Obama agreed to hold their own meeting in June on the sidelines of the upcoming meeting of leading industrial nations in Northern Ireland. Obama also told Putin he looked forward to visiting St. Petersburg for the meeting of leading rich and developing nations in September. The White House says Putin and Obama welcome substantive and constructive consultations by Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov over a political transition in Syria.”

March 2013 Breaking News largest Russian naval manuver Mediterranean Black Sea to warn USA & Israel on taking action against Syria and Iran – end times news update 2013

watch earthquake from nuclear blast…

Why Iran is falling into Russia’s arms written by By AMIR TAHERI
‘A strategic partnership”: So Iran and Russia describe the series of security, economic and cultural agreements they’ve signed together in the past few weeks.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Ai-Akbar Salehi arrived in Moscow this week to co-chair the first annual session of the “partnership” with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov. Days earlier, a group of officers from the Islamic Revolutionary Guard arrived in the Russian capital for a crash course in crowd control and civil unrest.

They’re expected to return to Iran by May and be “operational” in time for the June presidential election.

The new security pact provides for cooperation in intelligence gathering and the fight “against terrorism, people-trafficking, and drug-smuggling.” But it more significant is that it commits Russia to training and equipping Iranian security forces to deal with civil unrest.

Tehran and Moscow are nervous about being hit by Arab Spring-style uprisings. Under the agreement, Moscow will help Tehran create special police units patterned on the 500,000-strong “internal army” controlled by the Russian Interior Ministry.

There are other signs of change in Moscow-Tehran relations. Last week, Iran played host to Russian warships visiting Bandar Abbas on the Strait of Hormuz in what looks like the opening gambit for a Russian naval presence in the strategic waterway.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has always seemed keen on drawing the Islamic Republic closer to Moscow as part of his dream of a Tehran-Moscow-Beijing axis.

Days after the Irano-Russian pact was signed, Putin announced that he had terminated security cooperation with the United States on the fight against drug trafficking, people-smuggling and piracy.

Observers in Tehran say the change in relations is caused by several factors. Both regimes are involved in the Syrian civil war on the side of Bashar al-Assad’s regime. Both believe that the “Arab Spring” is the result of “plots” hatched by Washington under the Bush administration. Both fear that the “velvet revolution” recipe for regime change could be used against them.


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